General information

For registration without contribution, please send an email to Conrad Helm (

We will have 35 talks and 97 participants.

Slots for oral presentations are 10 + 5 min. Please keep in time :o)

The Young Researcher Meeting Morphology is specifically organized for young academics and it could well be that you are giving your first scientific talk here. Don't panic! This is exactly what you are looking for - an open and friendly atmosphere, good tips and your peers who are in the same situation.

> How to give your presentation in a Zoom meeting? (please click this link)

If you are unsure how Zoom works, please have a look at the short introduction. Before sharing your screen, you might clean up your desktop and select a proper background image - we've seen it all :o)

> You want to ask a question after a talk?

We will have two chairs that keep an eye on the chat. Please indicate in Zoom by "raising your hand" or in the chat that you have a question and the chair(s) will call you up by name.

> What happens in the breaks?

A break is a break - feel free to use it as you like. However, we will provide breakout rooms in which you have the opportunity to ask additional questions to the speakers of the last session or just do smalltalk.

> What happens on Thursday evening?

The "ask an expert" session will take place in Gathertown (link for the room will be provided). Here, you can virtually gather, ask questions or just socialize. You should try out the demo :o)

Previous meetings

2021 online meeting - 2nd Young Researcher Meeting Morphology
2020 Vienna
- 1st Young Researcher Meeting Morphology
2018 Munich - 11. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie
2017 Stuttgart - 10. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie
2016 Karlsruhe - 9. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie
2015 Jena - 8. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie
2014 Hamburg - 7. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie
2013 Ulm - 6. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie
2012 Tübingen - 5. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie
2011 Munich - 4. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie
2010 Vienna - 3. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie
2009 Greifswald - 2. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie
2008 Jena - 1. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie